Anton Atanasov

Winnaar 2014

Anton Atanasov

I chose the Anner Award because it appeared to be a competition where creativity was celebrated. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet people with different ideas and visions. Our idea was to create an affordable and reliable blue-green algae sensor for freshwater lakes. Many devices would be deployed per lake, gathering valuable scientific data at multiple locations over prolonged periods of time.

The information would help municipalities plan and coordinate health and cleaning efforts more effectively. The Anner Award brought me a very important realization - to always prepare meticulously when presented with a unique opportunity. In addition, it brought me the satisfaction of defending an idea in front of experts. Finally, it gave me a glimpse into the varied and diverse world of entrepreneurship.

It is always tricky to give wise lessons, but one I consider valuable is to learn to accept your limitations and work with them openly. Currently I am working towards my PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Twente